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1.1. The use of this site (www.lusideias.pt) implies the full and unreserved acceptance of the respective terms and conditions of use.

1.2. Participants, when they agree to this Regulation, automatically and fully accept the terms and conditions of use of the same


2.1. The organizing entity is responsible for the management of the service/platform, but is not responsible for any content, contribution, collaboration, information or idea generated by the user. The content, contribution, collaboration, information or idea generated, expressed in exclusive the views of its author, not binding the organizing entity to any type of commitment or responsibility towards third parties, including users.

2.2. The publication, dissemination or reproduction, in any form or by any means, of information or documents containing third-party personal information, immoral content, defamatory, libelous, illegal, racist, xenophobic or contrary to public order, is strictly prohibited. to good manners.

2.3. The publication, dissemination or reproduction, in any form or by any means, of information or documents which, in the form of advertising, is aimed at the promotion of goods or services is also prohibited.

2.4. When using the platform, the user must abstain from practicing any acts that may constitute or lead to (i) breach of authentication or security systems; (ii) phishing, ie attempted identity theft, falsifying data or information giving the end user the idea that they are dealing with a true system when it is only a facade for the collection of information and subsequent misuse (iii) it has been either copied from undue data (iv) break-in, i.e. unauthorized access (v) actions of overload that lead to the interruption or suspension of the service; (vi) bulk shipment of packages (flooding); (vii) interception and / or illegal or improper interference with any data, systems or equipment; (viii) use of remote computers for traffic routing, modification, adaptation, translation or decompilation of software; (ix) violation or attempted violation of the rules for protection of technological measures and information for the electronic management of rights.

2.5. Platform users undertake not to collect, store, make available, transmit, explore or reproduce information about other users, including user names.

2.6. All content submitted by users may be reviewed by the organizer and / or submitted to third party verification services, including spam prevention services / unwanted traffic with hidden or false information, in order to sell products or distribute spyware / malware .).

2.7. Posting or sharing of content of a private or confidential nature relating to the person of any of the participants or of third parties is not permitted.

2.8. The organizer reserves the right to remove or modify any added content, for any reason, without having to present any kind of justification.

2.9. The established conditions of use may at any time and without prior notice, notification or justification, be unilaterally amended at the initiative of the organizing entity.

2.10. The sponsoring entity may at any time and without the need for prior notice, notification or justification, annul or terminate the Lusidians.


The organizing entity of Lusídeias is Compta – Equipamentos e Serviços de Informática, SA, a publicly-held company headquartered at Alameda Fernão Lopes, 12, Miraflores, 1495-190 Algés, with a share capital of € 14,775,000.00, holder of the unique identification number of legal person and of registration in the Commercial Register of Cascais (Oeiras) 500069891.


4.1. Only adults (18+) can participate in Lusídeias.

4.2. The participation may be individual or in association of individuals, and in the latter case the group that makes up the association can not exceed 3 members, and all its members must be 18+.

4.3. The identification of the participant or participants and other data related to them will be included in the participation form.


Lusídeias is intended to accommodate ideas or projects that can be developed and transformed into a mobile application, through a procedure that provides for the selection of the idea and / or project according to the selection criteria defined in this regulation and subsequent establishment of a partnership between the organizing entity and the participant, in order to promote the application development of the idea / project, and subsequent and eventual commercialization of the resulting mobile application.


6.1. When submitting the idea/project, the participant must inform the organizing entity if it is the only recipient of the organizer or if it can be disclosed to other participants.

6.2. The organizer, after prior analysis by a group of elements specifically designated for this purpose, will contact the participant within 72 hours (on working days) after submission of the idea / project, in order to collect any additional information, inform the participant whether the project was subject to prior selection or to carry out any other steps or acts that may be relevant to the object of the Lusidians.

6.3. Criteria for assessing ideas or projects with a view to patenting, developing and promoting innovative ideas in information technology and mobile applications are the following:

a) Business potential: feasibility of the idea and presented detail (functionalities);

b) Sophistication: design and usability;

c) Innovation: novelty and impact of the solution;

d) Technical implementation and / or maturity: support of the idea, arguments for benefits, implementation plan;

e) Conformity with the objective of Lusidias.

6.4. The idea / project submitted will be excluded from the list if:

a) Contains explicit or suggestive, violent or derogatory sexual or pornographic references to any ethnic, racial, religious, professional or age group;

b) Promotes the ideal or use of illegal drugs or firearms, or any activity that may have unsafe, dangerous or political messages;

c) Is obscene or offensive or endorses any form of hate or group hatred or disparaging comments about the organization or its products or services, or other persons, products or companies;

d) Contains references or unlawfully use trademarks or logos owned by third parties or advertise or promote any brand or product of any kind;

e) Contains material or content protected by copyright or property of third parties;

6.5. If the project/idea presented by the participant is selected by the organizer, the organizer will elaborate a proposal of collaboration with a view to promoting the application development of the idea / project.


Without prejudice to what is agreed between the participant and the organizer as to the development of the idea / project, it is the property of the participant.


8.1. The declaration of invalidity of any provision of this Regulation by judicial decision does not affect the validity of the others.

8.2. The data in the completion form are intended solely and exclusively to identify the participant or participants and will only be used by the organizing entity for the purpose for which they are intended, without prejudice to the participant or participants being able to allow wider use by the entity.

8.3. The organizer is not responsible for the veracity or accuracy of the information transmitted by the participants

8.4. The organizer is not responsible for any interruption, modification, suspension or cancellation of the submission of the participation form, in particular if they arise from problems of access to the Internet network, hacker intervention, virus, maintenance, power outage, software failure or hardware, problems with third-party servers, fraud, or even in cases of force majeure; the organizing entity shall not be liable for any loss of information arising from any of the foregoing.


9.1. Regardless of the nationality of the participant or of the place where he/she is at the moment of submission of the idea/project, as well as the relationship established between the participant and the organizing entity and the rights and duties resulting therefrom, shall be governed by accordance with Portuguese law.

9.2. Any dispute arising from the interpretation or application of this Regulation shall be governed by the Lisbon District Court.

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